Where Is Home? Conflicted Thoughts

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The popular phrase home is where the heart is had me thinking about the concept of home and the various meanings attached to it. This leads me to ask, where exactly is home? Could it be the country we were born or raised in? A building that we own? Or merely the company that we keep? The concept of home is much bigger than just a house that we reside in, it is a place where we feel confident, in control and secure among our surroundings. No matter what our answer may be, one thing is consistent, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) was right with her shiny red shoes, there’s no place like home. Life is full of obstacles and opportunities, we’re constantly changing, what may have been considered home a year ago, is just a distant memory in the present. My heart is conflicted, longing for a foreign land yet too comfortable in my current environment. Every household has their highs and lows, behind closed doors only those who live in the residence understand daily struggles. Poverty, neglect, no role-models, powerless, these hardships create diamonds, as long as our path is one of positivity and pure-heartedness, there’s no reason why we can’t win. If we think the worse, it doesn’t bring the best, happiness is the ultimate goal, don’t deal with pain alone. We can never tell what’s happening on the inside of a person, from their exterior, some scars can be invisible. The vessel that we temporarily inhabit is considered a home, how do we remain content? The answer is from within, this is spiritual. We tend to get distracted by outside events, perhaps fear of the unknown, what will we uncover about ourselves? Will we like the answers discovered? Either way, understanding our being will bring a new form of appreciation and perspective towards the world (and even the society) we live in.

Home Is Where The Heart Resides

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What do you identify as home?

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