How To Style One Dress In Three Ways

Close Up Makeup and Earrings

Sleeping beauty up in her castle
I admire your style and smile
Steady running through my mind
Elegance and intelligence
What more could one ask for?

Style slump, stressing over what to wear for an upcoming event, or simply need a wardrobe makeover, sometimes we all need some help occasionally in the fashion department. Ladies, I have you covered, showing you how you can style one dress in three ways. When it comes to style dilemmas, remember that confidence is always the greatest accessory, if you’re not comfortable in your clothing, those around you won’t be either. I see fashion as a tool that has the ability to alter moods from the outside in, if you wear sweatpants all day, you’re more inclined to feel lazy and not at your best. However, if you opt to dress up for the day, your happiness increases thus boosting productivity. We have all heard the cliché saying fashion is pain, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have both comfort and chicness in your outfit, it’s all in the styling process.

Fuchsia Lace Dress

The dress. Coco Chanel said it best, to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. Summer calls for bright colours, think of citric tones as these are typically mood-boosting hues, giving a cheerful first impression. If you’re more playful, try bolder styles by looking at prints. Whenever I tend to get dressed simplicity is a recurring notion. I feel less is more, no, that doesn’t mean more skin ladies, it’s classier to be dressed up. There are two pieces to the fuschia piece, a slip dress and lace covering. The lace and the sleeve detailing caught my eye, though covered, the lace teases the eye, similar to mesh. When Styling the piece I choose to opt for black accessories, from chunky crisscross heels to black and silver stud earrings and bracelet.

Sophisticated Style Pink Inspiration

Pink Slip Dress and Lace Detailing

Party Season Pink Slip Lace Dress

Casual Chic Styled Pink Slip Dress

Body Confidence In Pink Slip Lace Dress

Dress from PRIMARK
Shoes from NEW LOOK
Bracelet from A FRIEND
Earrings from MUM

Black Flared Trousers

I love that fashion is taking inspiration from past eras, flares, ruffles, chokers, the list continues. This outfit though simple, there are elements that stand out, meaning attention to detail is key when putting an outfit together. Whether off the shoulder or spaghetti strap tops, both highlight the shoulder region. It has been said to be quite sensual as it shows the strength of a woman. The slip dress has a vibrant tone, which made it ideal to pair it with pom-pom earrings – a great hit in the world of accessories – sticking to the minimalistic approach, I added a dainty gold pendant and midi rings. Hair pulled back, this look would be ideal to head to the bar, restaurant with friends, or even an arts event. Simply add a jacket in the case that temperatures drop, we live in Britain after all, a land of unpredictable weather. Always remember, dress to express ladies, your outfit is your message to the world, does it represent you?

Pink Camisole and Pom Pom Earrings

Pink Camisole and Black Ruffled Hem Trousers

Gold Necklace and Pink Style Inspiration

Outfit Of The Day Style Inspiration

Dress from PRIMARK
Shoes from PRIMARK
Earrings from PRIMARK
Necklace from ACCESSORIZE
Trousers from PRIMARK

Pastel Buttoned Skirt

Ladies, we’ve all been there, some days we simply don’t want to show up for the day, we would rather lounge around in sweats. However, I’m here to tell you comfort and being chic actually go hand-in-hand, inevitably producing (body) confidence. This summer a trend that would be ideal to follow would be pairing dresses with interesting trainers, whether embroidered flower prints, plain white, or classic sports luxe style, rock the look. I decided to experiment with colours in my wardrobe, contrasting pastels with bright hues, pastels tend to imply calmness, approachability, and clarity, remember that style tip when dressing for work. When it comes to trousers or skirts, I prefer high rise cuts as these accentuate the waist area and add a hint of femininity to an outfit. I kept the look simple with drop down silver earrings and a hair clip as it added glamour to a casual style.

Casual Chic Style Navy Summer Jacket

Velvet Buttoned Skirt Style Inspiration

Urban Casual Chic Style Inspiration

Pink and Blue Style Inspiration

Dress from PRIMARK
Skirt from PRIMARK
Jacket from BLUE INC
Earrings from MUM
Trainers from FOOTLOCKER

Did any of these styles inspire you? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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