Reflect and Refocus (May 2017)

Fashion Blogger In London

Spaces and places
Nights in London city
Circle of ambition
We’re different
A rare breed
Unapologetically ourselves
Conquering the world
One step at a time
Rebellious to the system
Gully to the cause
They’re dividing for personal gain
Take Notice
Breaking away from the ideal
Educate yourself
Faith in the squad
Spreading the love
Enough of the war and hate
It’s time for positive change

This year alone has taught me a lot if I didn’t take a moment to step back and reflect upon it all, I would take it all for granted. Once the moment passes, we tend to forget about it, searching for our next event to record and add to our ever-growing highlight reels on social media. We’re so busy focusing on the goals at hand, worrying about not reaching a certain level by insert age here we forget about all our past achievements. Gratefulness increases happiness, in this game of life, you can’t be half-hearted or arrogant, success only comes to those who constantly work hard and persist. That being said even the successful, have doubts, obstacles, and anxiety to overcome. Life isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns 24/7, we all experience a mixture of emotions. It’s how we choose to cope (ex: music, art, poetry etc); that keeps us sane in this world. What do you know about scars? What do you know about being locked up in (physical and/or mental) bars? Fragile, fractured and frangible are the results. You don’t know what’s next in your path, life can change within a year. Remind yourself, it’s ok not to be ok, this feeling will pass, and you’ll be standing strong on the other side, perhaps a little bruised and battered, but strong nonetheless.

Closeup Detail Style Shot

Outfit Colour Inspiration In London

Oxford Circus Outfit Matching London Buses

Focusing on the blog, becoming more fashion orientated and speaking about body confidence has slowly paved the direction I wish to take in my life and career. Towards the end of 2016, I was unsure about various aspects of my life, one element, in particular, was a career. Anytime I thought about it, my thoughts were cloudy, however, since then there’s been an improvement. Editorial, content creation and social media are three things I excel at and enjoy, now that I have a path, it was time to focus. Where do I start? Am I lacking motivation or experience? One quote I live by, you create your own opportunities. This is how I attended London Fashion Week, on behalf of Plus Minus Magazine. Not only did my work get published on their website, I made connections with like-minded bloggers and influencers, which allowed me to learn quite a bit from the experience. When it came to fashion, I didn’t think twice about it, I was adamant that it didn’t interest me. Well, we’re all human and make mistakes. The more I read fashion magazines, saw photography and watched styling videos – especially Sandy Lion – I came to the realisation, fashion is another form of art, an expression of our individuality, a message we send out to the world. Fashion is breaking boundaries and accepting all types of diversity, we no longer have a narrow-minded vision of fashion. Stereotypes are being broken, and the result is amazing as all types of beauty are being accepted, slowly but surely.

During the month of March, I was busy on a fashion and social media marketing course in association with Create Jobs, A New Direction. This solidified the interest that I had in fashion, gave me the relevant experience for the industry and introduced me to like-minded individuals, some who I now call my squad – they’re actually responsible for the accompanying images, Rabz and Jessica were my photographers for the day. I see so much potential in each member of the squad, that I’m excited about everything we create as individuals and as a group. We’re creating our dream world, now it’s your turn to make yours.

All Smiles In London Feeling Bold

Bright Complimenting Colours

Creative Partner In Crime

Red London Street Style Inspiration

Squad At Westfields

The Glow Up Shot

The Boys and T Posing

What are your highlights of 2017 so far?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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