5 Happy Music Things (Series)

5 Happy Music Things

Hello, it’s me again, tell a friend to tell a friend, bouncing around with happiness, it’s time to share this weeks theme of music. Music is a universal entity, regardless of genre, no language barriers, we all enjoy it. We may have a preference as to what we enjoy, but most are open to discovering new artists and singles. Each country has something to offer the industry (and the world). The U.K., for example, is known for Grime, artists like Skepta and Stormzy popularised the genre. In Nigeria, Wizkid and Davido built careers from afrobeats; though currently moving more towards commercial music, their journey’s started from a specialised genre. We connect to music through instrumentals, visuals, and vocals. Give new genres and singles a chance before writing them off completely.

What music are you currently loving?

1. Not3s – Notice
Mr Addison Lee has been making noise all over the scene, featuring on various tracks with Hardy Caprio, Juls, Kojo Funds, Vianni, just to name a few. His personality is transparent in his music, visuals, and dance moves. One line that stood out to me was about acceptance. We’re all unique beings, destined to shine when it’s our time. Don’t blaze through life just to reach a certain point, because you feel like you’re lacking in comparison to your peers. We all have a different journey even if we’re in the same industry. Don’t wake up one morning to come to the realisation you missed all the valuable experiences just so you could be on par with someone. Be content in the life you’re living, stand out from the crowd and most importantly enjoy the journey. Keep the circle tight, avoid the fake love, seduction and manipulation, vibe on positive energy and keep winning.

I noticed how Not3s weren’t accepted
Weren’t rated and used to get no reception
Now they phone my phone every day of the week and get no connection

2. Noyz – The Zoo
I grew up to ’90s hip-hop, one genre I will love for eternity, the knowledge it circulates, the instrumentals, however, one thing that lacked was the representation, most artists were African-American. The thought of Asians (particularly Punjabis) as rappers was an absurd concept, the community wouldn’t allow it, families would question the choice. Entertainment as a career path had taboo surrounding it, south Asians wanted their children to head towards a path of high-earning respected careers, such as doctors and lawyers. With changing times allowed the entrance of Humble The Poet, Zoo Babies, Noyz and Fateh. A collective who educated the masses about the culture, messages of positivity, and even sensitive topics.

We were measured against standards of beauty 
and intelligence that were not our own
So the same freedoms aren’t afforded by everyone
And that means home is never really home

3. Desta French – Shame
I love hearing about new artists and music, I recently got introduced to the music of this soulful lady known as Desta French. Continuing on with the ’90s theme, she embodies old-school R&B fusing Latino grooves with her own unique attitude.

A way to relax and put my thoughts to bay
instead of causing you the mental strain
be less dramatic in my every day
but for now I stay floating

4. Jhumke – Jassi Gill x Babbal Rai
I don’t watch Bollywood films often, but when I do, I prefer Punjabi films as I find them funnier and more relatable. Diljit Dosanjh was my favourite actor, but I’m definitely warming up to Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai, the new wave of actors in the industry. Jhumke (meaning earring) is taken from the film Sargi, it was a great watch with the family, I would definitely recommend it, just find a version with subtitles.

Chad dita laaleyan ne hattan utte behna
Putt jattan de ve dakka naiyo tod te
Likh de aa chithiyan oh modaan utte behke
Mere naa’ naal naa’ aiven jod de

5. Joey Bada$$ – Victory
If the eyes reveal the soul, why not admit the mouth reveals the heart? Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar both released albums last month, truly a great month for a hip-hop head. Honestly, when I heard All Amerikkan Bada$$ I was hyped for hours (that’s not even an exaggeration), it was a solid body of work with a clear message at the core. My favourite track has to be Legendary featuring J. Cole, calm instrumental with empowering lyrics. If legends never die, don’t you wish to become among them? The story is history, competition is slim, it honestly looks like a victory.

Back on the block, I call the shots
You sit and watch when I’m against the clock I make the world stop

What song are you currently loving?
Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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