Joey Base – Here For Love (Review)

Joey Base No Help for The Widows Son? Album cover

We all have a reason behind the things we do, whether career, education or hobby, there’s a purpose that pushes us every day to grind harder, work that extra hour, and be patient with results. We all carry some form of baggage, our past struggles, the hardships we’ve overcome and situations that have changed us. It all dwindles down to our why, the priorities, though we can get distracted, we route back to our destined path. Joey Base releases single Here For Love taken from his upcoming EP No Help For The Widow’s Son, set to release on his birthday, July 1st, 2017, a double celebration for boy wonder.

It’s refreshing to hear the journey, motivation and mentality to succeed within the music industry, from a London artist, especially as Trap is taking over the scene. Here For Love is a commercial single with a positive message through personal experiences that anything is possible. From the streets of London to chasing a career to slowly receiving the recognition of all the hard work in the studio. The chorus, instrumental and bass all appeal to a larger demographic, my only critique about the single, I wished Joey (or a singer) replied to the chorus when the question posed, are you here looking for love? All-in-all, I personally enjoyed the track, in fact, I had it on repeat for a while. The positive mentality that Joey is spreading is definitely needed in the current climate, he is using his platform to share his experiences and in the process inspire the younger generation. One of his lyrics state find your focus // the roadside is bogus, that resonated with me as many young boys consider it cool to be on the streets, or even pressured. Focus on occupation, rather than labels, you’ll thank yourself later for it. It’s all about finding your passion and purpose, like Eric Thomas, I ask you all.

What’s your why? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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