Comfortable Glamour and Pastel Accessories

Casual Chic Pastel Accessories

During the weekend I went out with my friends, as one of them is leaving for China for a year and a half, got to create those memories before she leaves. After #BlogConLDN during the day, I wanted to be more casual, let my inner tomboy run wild, however, that wasn’t an option, hence opting for an alternative. Comfort glamour is exactly what the title states, loose fitted clothing, with touches of femininity through accessory pieces. Comfort was definitely needed towards the evening as during the day I was rocking a pink bodycon dress that you can see in my 2016 outfit roundup, number 9. If you hadn’t realised, I’ve been obsessed with the mauve, dusty pink and the lilac family recently, this has been reflected in my purchases and styling choices. It may be spring but these shades still work for this season, especially in floral prints or statement pieces. Simplicity is the true form of elegance when styling I take the minimalistic approach, I’m always content with the results. Taking inspiration from a popular Coco Chanel quote statingĀ before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. Save items for other outfits, you don’t need to flash your entire wardrobe in one style. Ask yourself, are you wearing the outfit or is the outfit wearing you? That will be an indicator whether you need to take something off or change the styling. On the topic of styling and brands, my high street favourites are Primark, New Look, and Miss Selfridge, these brands are both chic and affordable, so why not? I want to start buying from online brands (or independent pop-up shops) as they have more personality to their clothing, rather than heading to the high street. I would rather wear an alternative brand than purchase clothing that is mass produced. It’s time to discover new clothing brands, I’m currently lovingĀ Pretty Little Thing, and iKrush, what brands have you discovered recently?

Dusty Pink Trend Spring 2017

Braids, Chokers and Handbags

Pastel Handbags and Nude Boots

Pastel Pink Primark Accessories

White Boohoo Loose Fitting Cropped Top

Comfortable Chic Outfit Inspiration

What’s your go-to piece for Spring?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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