Valentine’s Day Budget-Friendly Gift Guide

Paris City Of Love Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Though it is nice to receive the latest fashion accessory, a pair of killer heels, or a jaw-dropping dress; it’s not all about material gifts, plus some of us just can’t afford it. I adore sentimental gifts, something personal and unique, it makes me feel special. I’m a romantic at heart, I enjoy showering my other half with compliments, random gifts, and small gestures of love. I’ve come up with a few ideas that you could show someone you care, and its budget-friendly. These ideas can be applied to anyone, your best friend, mother, and (of course) significant other.

Cute Love Notes As Decor

Leaving notes around the house or compiled in one place (in the shape of a heart) can be a cute surprise. This gesture would bring a smile to both your faces, you get to write cute love notes showing your affection. They wouldn’t expect it but will love you took the time to write your feelings and place them in a unique way. A similar (but more personal) idea is to create a jar full of reasons why you love the person. To begin, get a small mason jar, decorate it in any way you like, I decided to add an ‘I Love You’ sticker at the front of mine. Then proceed to make about 40-50 reasons why you adore the person. I added a twist to the typical idea by adding pink pieces of paper with I Love You written in different languages. I finished off the present by adding heart-shaped confetti.

DIY Project, Ornament & Candle

DIY Romantic Project

Reasons Why I Love You

I Love You In Four Languages

When you think of Valentine’s Day what pops into your head? If it’s flowers, chocolates, and all things cuddly, then you’re spot on. Who could resist some sweet candy and cute decorations? To make the gift more personalised, get heart-shaped moulds, add sprinkles (or any type of topping), then proceed to melt the chocolate. Place the melted chocolate into the moulds and freeze for a few hours. Once it’s done, place them on a plate and ta-da you made personalised chocolate treats.

Roses, Chocolate & Fluffy Pillows

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What’s your favourite gift idea? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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