What Are We Protesting This Time?


What Are We Protesting This Time?

My mind has been consumed with so many thoughts recently that I decided to compile them into a blog post, no structure, just thoughts as they come into my head. Where do I begin, there’s so much going on. Without further ado, here’s thoughts unravelled about society, wondering what are we protesting this time?

The state of the future is uncertain; we’re still protesting on matters that should have been resolved ages ago (long overdue). Holding up a sign stating “What Are We Fighting For This Time?” already indicates the mentality of the people. It’s 2017, we should be moving forward, embracing love, happiness, and unity. Instead, fundamental rights are being questioned, which makes me doubt humanity. Gender equality and justice are what we desire, yet abortion, girl’s education, tax on tampons, equal pay and much more are coming under threat. We have a voice and must stand up for our beliefs, there’s a popular saying that goes if we remain silent in the face of adversity then we’re taking the side of the oppressor. All problems are transient, they can be changed. We need resilience,¬†determination, and courage in order to face national and global issues. Challenging everything we hear now is especially important than before, there are alternative facts circling, manipulation of media, and outspread of fear.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve been thinking about those ambiguous questions such as what’s the purpose of life? Is it better to be feared or respected? What is freedom? It raises the question are we truly free when there are limitations thrust upon us. Encouraging conformity as the norm, anyone who deviates from such will have a stigma attached to them, in some cases, it results in spoiled identity (a term sociologist Ervin Goffman created). We label others to make ourselves feel superior, however, it feels better when we’re growing as a team, encouraging one another, creating a legacy.

Martin had a dream, Kendrick had a dream, and now I have a dream too. It’s to live in a world full of positivity, unity, and love. I’ve always been grateful for the life I live, however, everyone deserves to have the same opportunity to follow their dreams. We all have aspirations (though they can be ever-changing) when I was little I was determined to become a lawyer. I chose all the classes that geared my academic career towards this path, only to hit my A Levels and do a complete 360. I changed my mind and decided media was where my passion thrived. Not only did I have parents that supported my every step, but I lived in a country that gives equal opportunity to education. Statistics show that 130 million girls are denied education around the world, if that figure formed a country, it would be the tenth largest. Don’t waste the potential of girls who could prevent disease, invent technology or revolutionise¬†an entire industry, the results are endless. ¬†Take the time to head on over to the One.org website to learn more and support the movement by signing a letter.

Fear is an illusion.
Love is in our hearts.
We’re born to be peaceful.
You can’t lose when love finds you.

What are your views on the current state of the world?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,



    • Tajinder Sandhu
      February 6, 2017 / 1:31 am

      Aww thank you dear. Glad you enjoyed my rambling, I just had to air my thoughts.

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