Seventeen Pastel Matte Lipsticks

Seventeen Pastel Matte Lipsticks

Beauty is a concept that we’ve created to make certain individuals in society feel superior to others. With media reinforcing such values, no wonder women feel inadequate whilst turning magazines pages. As human beings we want to relate to one another, creating a bond and an identity for ourselves. Constantly being bombarded with negativity towards appearance tends to have a long-lasting effect on an individual. Though it is slowly changing, I want to remind the ladies that you’re all beautiful, no matter your size, race, and imperfections. Everyone has a story to share, our imperfections are what differentiate us from the rest of society. There is depth to the image that stands before you, we all have layers that we reveal whilst getting to know someone. For example, someone you label shy, once you get to know them becomes outgoing, ambitious and caring. Do you feel as if you missed an opportunity to get to know an amazing individual? I know I would. We make judgments daily, but we never tend to think beyond these thoughts. We remain in the shallow parts of our minds, and never peel back a layer of ourselves to empathise with others and gain knowledge of self.

When it comes to beauty, I’ve never had a routine to follow in the mornings or evenings. As for makeup, I like to keep it simple and minimalistic. I’ve never been the type to cake layers of cosmetic products on my face, I’ve seen beauty vloggers, change their whole appearance with makeup. Honestly, I’m quite lazy, I don’t have the energy to put that much effort on a daily. I stick to a similar approach every time I apply makeup, but one thing I adore is lipstick, I own so many, from different brands to shades to types. Recently, I’ve noticed myself putting on the same few shades frequently, making them my beauty comfort zone. I recently won a beauty giveaway from the lovely Francesca on Twitter, the lipstick shades are ideal for spring, two words pastel colours. I wanted to rock a different shade and honestly, this was the perfect excuse to get out of my comfort zone as I would never buy myself a purple lip shade. All the lipsticks were long lasting, the quality was superb, and they did not dry my lips out as some matte products occasionally do.

Seventeen I Lilac It A Lot

Seventeen Pinking Out Loud

Seventeen Back To The Fuchsia

I Lilac It A Lot from SEVENTEEN
Back To The Fuchsia from SEVENTEEN
Pinking Out Loud from SEVENTEEN

What shades are you afraid to rock and why?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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