Need Motivation During January Blues?

Need Motivation During January Blues?

Occasionally we all have lows, especially during this season, referred to as January blues, Christmas is over, we’re back at work and skies have never looked gloomier. Negativity aside, 2017 is a new moment full of new opportunities. Having numerous to-do lists of various tasks we lose motivation or convince ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow (more like someday, that never really arrives). We can’t wait for motivation to strike to do a task, as we’ll be waiting forever, and time is not on our side. Let’s change that frown and negative mentality into a proactive go-getter, but how do we start you may wonder, it all begins by igniting our inner fire, the desire that fuels our drive to achieve. There are different ways to ignite our inner fire to make us productive. Today I wanted to add a little touch of positivity to your day, through motivational quotes. I’m a visual person, I like being surrounded by colour, quotes, and music. These three things that tend to make me more productive, and excited to conquer any task handed to me. Colours provoke emotions and highlight key tasks that need to be done. If there is an absence of colour on the page, I tend to get easily distracted. Quotes spark my drive, and music balances my mood (as I need some background sound whilst working).

The most motivating factor would be my why, why am I doing this? There are so many reasons for everything I do, making my family proud of all my accomplishments, repaying them for everything that they’ve done for me, and living the life I’ve always envisioned with my other half. American motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, has a popular speech regarding this very topic, it sparked my interest and got my motivation on track for sure – especially during university. It all boils down to your why, what’s the reason behind your every action, move and decision? Remind yourself regularly, over time we can forget.

Be Brave Quote

Big Dreams Quote

Princess Crown Quote

Motivational Hero Quote

Maya Angelou Quote

Strong Women Stiletto Quote

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What motivates you?

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    • Tajinder Sandhu
      January 26, 2017 / 12:28 am

      So do I dear, it's one of my favourites to be honest.

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