How To Style A Mauve Jumper

A new season is upon us meaning there are new colour palettes, which is a great excuse for anyone wanting a new wardrobe, to shop the styles. Palettes during this season tend to be soft, pastel tones, reflecting light-heartedness, new beginnings, and romance. On the other side of the spectrum, dusk jewel tones are a favourite, only becoming darker from the previous season. Tones in the palette include the familiar power players, maroon, ivy, olive and navy, new additions are indigo and mulberry. I particularly adore romantic tones, making me lust over items that are mauve, mulberry, and plum. As the weather is still freezing, I decided to shop the sales for winter clothing, and to my luck, I found the perfect mauve jumper, with subtle detail on the upper arm. There are various ways to style a jumper, I put together three practical yet chic outfits, that would appeal to most women.

Alternatives Shades

Mixing shades of the same colour is never a crime, in fact, it’s even encouraged. Micah Gianneli is the perfect example, commonly pictured rocking pink on pink outfits, just check out her Instagram¬†for some inspiration. Though I must admit the tones are usually quite similar to one another, so for my outfit, I decided to completely ignore this fact. I usually wear trousers over jeans, and I recently picked up a pair of extremely comfortable burgundy trousers, with a tie-up belt, adding a feminine touch to the pants. They can be styled up, down and everything in between, with heels, boots, loafers, and even the rare sneaker. Whilst putting this outfit together, I was thinking of the modern woman, who are running errands all day, leading teams she needs an outfit that portrays power and strength, expressing her strong character and less of the fairytale princess. With this in mind, I opted for a bold burgundy lipstick, similar to the classic red it signifies confidence, but with a rather menacing undertone of mystery and adventure.

Jumper from NEW LOOK
Trousers from NEW LOOK
Handbag from PRIMARK
Sandals from NEW LOOK
Earrings from INDIA


When it comes to outfits, there’s no doubt that I adore darker shades, as that’s what I tend to wear on a day-to-day basis. However, I have been experimenting with colours, my wardrobe is looking much more adventurous than before. Wearing particularly colours indicate that we’re friendly and approachable individuals, heck some colours even give us a little happiness boost, you know the colour, it starts with a y, yellow. The complete opposite of black, navy and grey, yet we’re most comfortable in such neutral colours. They all connote formality, authority, and strength, the precise qualities an employee should hold, however, these colours are also associated with depression, melancholy, and detachment. Let’s stick to the positives by adding a hint of colour to our outfits, whether it be a hair tie, a piece of jewellery, or a jumper. I paired the mauve jumper with a black pencil skirt and turtleneck, an all-black outfit would be ideal for the workplace, or an upscale event. Adding sophistication through a bun, and the common red lip.


Jumper from NEW LOOK
Turtle Nek from BOOHOO
Skirt from BOOHOO
Handbag from NEW LOOK
Boots from NEW LOOK
Earrings from PRIMARK
Hair Tie from NEW LOOK

On The Go

Occasionally we want to dress down, embracing the casual and comfortable style, but who said that even when running errands we can’t be chic? Pairing black, mauve and gold can add a glam factor to an outfit. In addition to the jumper, I added a silk mauve jacket that looks luxurious and practical in the cold weather, not to mention the different textures look rather flattering. For ultimate comfort, I added black sports luxe trousers, which continued the theme of silk by having the fabric running down the side of the pants. As for the makeup, the colours are neutral, by keeping it simple, it allows the clothes to speak louder.

Nike Black & Camel Trainers

Mauve Jumper & Jacket Combo

Jumper from NEW LOOK
Jacket from GEORGE (ASDA)
Trousers from NEXT
Trainers from JD SPORTS
Earrings from PRIMARK

What’s your favourite style?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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