Dear Santa, Random Acts Of Kindness

Dear Santa, Random Acts Of Kindness

Dear Santa,

How you doing? Busy I bet, creating presents for the little ones, analysing the naughty and nice list, and hoping you meet your deadline. Well, you have one less big kid to worry about this year. Let’s get straight to the point, many people have wish lists of materialistic items, usually, I’m no different but honestly this year I’m content. I’m abundant in possessions that I don’t require anymore. Although fashion changes every season, style is timeless, and I choose style over trends every time. Putting that into perspective rather than ask for items, all I desire are experiences. Spending quality time with my loved ones, attending events, travelling the world, eating quality food, all I wish to be is rich in culture.

We distract ourselves with all types of escape routes just to get by when all we really needed was love. That unconditional type where mothers can do anything for their children, our partners can’t imagine themselves without us. If only we thought about our actions, priorities and reasons, would we continue on this path of self-destruction? No, I didn’t think so. This holiday season allows you to give back to the community, here are a few examples of how to do so.

  • Spread kindness by handing out Christmas cards with compliments written in them to strangers, making their day just a tad bit sweeter.
  • Shop or give exposure (social media, blogs, word of mouth) to a small business which will encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Instead of buying a gift, get crafty and create a meaningful gift that shows you’re thoughtfulness.
  • Create goody bags of food, books, socks, blankets (or anything you wish) and hand them out to homeless people.
  • Occasionally things get difficult for us all, try to ease the load by helping struggling parents or the elderly with any chores they may have.
  • We all get busy with life, make effort to bond with friends by hosting a dinner, and having a Christmas movie marathon (can’t go wrong with movies and food).

On that topic of food, I may not have any cookies or milk Santa, but I thought of a delicious alternative my sweet tooth friend. Please enjoy these Christmas cupcakes, they’re chocolate with gingerbread icing, does that satisfy your craving?

Blogmas Chocolate Gingerbread Cupcakes

How will you give back to the community?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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