Choose Happiness This Blogmas

Choose Happiness This Blogmas

We reside on the earth for such a short period of time yet the majority of the time, we take it for granted. We tend to waste our limited time on being sad or angry, I say choose happiness. Not only for yourself but for others as well, a few examples would be through random acts of kindness, providing a service for free for someone in need, or putting extra effort in during secret Santa. Adding extra effort never cost us a thing, we should do it more often, especially this season as it can get tough during the cold nights and lonely days – choose happiness and spread kindness.

It’s December, Christmas is rapidly approaching, meaning we’re in full swing when it comes to giving gifts to our friends, families, and colleagues. Honestly, I enjoy the whole process of shopping for people, getting creative when wrapping gifts, and writing a thoughtful card. I try to make it a magical experience for anyone who receives a gift from me, it’s not merely about buying materialistic items (though it is part of it). It’s about adding a personal touch, from choosing the type of wrapping paper, adding a bow or ribbon, writing a thoughtful card, to surprising the receiver with falling confetti.

Secret Santa Packaging

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know what to buy for everyone. In these instances, I tend to go to my fail-safe gift list, making sure it doesn’t come across as a generic gift. These ideas can be great for stocking fillers, or you could even DIY gifts. I especially adore the YouTuber LaurDIY, she creates fun-filled┬ádecor from cushions, wall inspirations, to costumes.

Lush Bath Bombs
There are numerous to choose from, seasonal, holiday-themed, to the most popular ones. Not forgetting there are also gift sets which are very luxurious.

Favourite Chocolate
Many enjoy sweet treats, chocolate is usually the most common stocking filler, and again there are many varieties; for example Celebrations, Heroes, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher and the list continues.

Rainbow Cake
Sticking to the topic of sweet treats, if all else fails, who can resist cake and the bright skittle colours inside. Perhaps I’ll attempt making rainbow cupcakes, I’ve been in a baking mood recently, with a few things on my list to bake.

A Good Book
Everyone enjoys a thrilling read, with new novels being released regularly, it all depends on the taste of the individual. Before you say but they don’t like reading, that’s wrong, we enjoy it in different ways, one individual may enjoy comic books, whereas another would enjoy a thrilling novel.

What makes you happy during the holiday season?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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