Blogmas Christmas Decor 2016

Blogmas Christmas Decor 2016 Red Bauble

Christmas is slowly edging closer, nine days to be exact, are you prepared for the holiday, the countdown has officially begun. With social media being filled with Christmas decor daily, I thought I would join the hype and reveal my little attempt at adding festive cheer to my humble abode. It’s all about the small touches, detailing and having a prominent theme, I opted for typical Christmas colours. I automatically reached for festive red decorations as to me they represent love, passion and warmth, all qualities that this season celebrates boldly, what does your decor say about you? Moving on, I especially adore the fairy lights that I bought recently, they bring a mystical ambience to any room they’re in. The decorations are subtle, they’re not bold or in your face, despite being subtle they add a sparkle that would otherwise not be there. In all honesty, as years have passed by, we don’t celebrate Christmas in the same way anymore, previous years the house would be full of guests, love, and happiness. However, the settings have changed as family┬ámembers have relocated abroad, started their own families and some we’ve lost to the stars. It only makes sense that the way we celebrate the holidays has changed as well, although occasionally it’s not for the best. You could say that now it has been replaced with idleness, which can be cold and lonely. I see other bloggers speaking about traditions during the holidays, it sounds fun, one day I honestly hope to create my own traditions when I have my family. Christmas day as of now is a day of relaxation, good food, and reflection of the past year, or in other words, just another day. What does Christmas mean to you?

Red Ornaments & Candle Decor 2016

Cinnamon Spiced Festive Red Candle

Fairy Lights Christmas Decor 2016

Presents Near The Fire Place

Wooden Interior With Festive Red Beads

What’s your favourite memory of decorating?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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