Memories Are All I’m Left With (Ray Blk)

City Full Of Memories

Have you ever misplaced something that makes you feel lost without it in your life? That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past couple months. Lost. I’ve just tried to distract myself or put a facade on, but my feelings are leaking through. Don’t let me drown. Forgive my fear, for never seeing a river so high, but now I’m here, teach me how to navigate through all the thoughts and doubts of life. Would you stick with me through the hard times? With no money? Holding big ambitions? Would you still love me? I believe we’re Bonnie and Clyde, never break ties until the end of time.

Relationship Memories

Long time no see it’s been a while since I heard your voice, I’m home alone whilst you’re away working for the both of us. You disappeared so quickly without a noise, gone, yet I’m sitting here in denial that you’ll be back, won’t be too long. I cherished every little gesture, the adventures we had, and most importantly the lessons you taught me – you’re wise beyond your years, why don’t you ever see that? You hold so much potential, but forever belittle yourself due to comparisons and the opinions of others. Talk to me, share your emotions, your most inner thoughts, what’s on your mind? I’m a hopeless romantic, I can’t help but be curious, I’m wondering if you’re thinking about me, the dreams we could live, and the memories we’ve shared. I want all your attention, those deep conversations, and the late night strolls, but memories are all I’m left with now.

Room Filled With Memories

This post was actually inspired by Ray Blk’s single Memories, from her 2015-EP called Havisham. The singer fuses R&B vocals with a 90s-inspired hip-hop instrumental produced by SELVSSE, she showcases her versatility as an artist. The single tells a tale about a relationship, the web of lies, the good times, but ultimately left with mere memories. The EP takes inspiration from Charles Dickens’ popular novel, Great Expectations, more specifically the character of Miss Havisham. Ray Blk embraces the story, and bases her first body of work on the story of a girl who falls in love, becomes heartbroken and turns into the cold-hearted, wicked Miss Havisham.

What’s your favourite memory of a relationship?

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