Fear (Humble The Poet – Favourite Angel)

Fear Favourite Fallen Angel


What scares you?

Don’t let it get the better of you.

Bullets kissing flesh, silenced cries, raped before she learns to spell.

I placed the blame on God but she only lives within, it’s all my fault.


Let’s talk about the fear of success, the above mentioned may be too deep right now. Success doesn’t come overnight, it’s a continuous cycle of working smart, determination and persistence. Treat failure as your friend, you never truly lose if you learn from the situation. The last time we try, the moment we decide to give up is when we fail. Just because you kill your dreams, doesn’t automatically mean they’ll disappear, rather they’ll haunt you on a daily basis, and turn you into a bitter individual. Ask yourself do you really want that to be your reality? Don’t let the insecurities of others convince you out of your dreams. There are so many more reasons to try than to give up. Believe in yourself, you’re the only one who knows how hard you work to reach your goals. Success is a journey, with numerous sleepless nights, non-believers, and consistency issues, rise to become the brave angel that you are.

Fast City Life

Discover your real potential, don’t allow society or the system get you down. What reality are you living? Monsters on every street corner, but don’t forget those taking seats in CEO positions, blood spilling due to torture but you’ll never hear about it. What reality are you living? It could be much worse, don’t take the life you’re living for granted, some don’t get that option. As I shed a tear at God, she smiled at my face and let it fall, like a favourite angel. Unified we’re powerful but divided we fall. I’m just speaking what I know. It’s hard trying to master the science of life, so through art, I’m trying to express myself, not as a follower but the leader I was destined to know. I was born as a product of a lion (Singh) and a princess (Kaur), from birth I promised the world I would leave an imprint before I retire from the Earth. We as a generation don’t look to the future, instead, we would rather gain immediate gratification, although you may feel great in the moment, how will that benefit you in the future? Please don’t be disillusioned, think strategically, yes, enjoy the moment, but don’t forget about the future and your dreams.

What are you afraid to do? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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