Packing Tips For India In October

Packing Tips For India In October

October is upon us, 2016 has flown past, only three months remaining of this wonderful year. October is a month full of festivities, whether it’s Halloween, Diwali, or Oktoberfest. There’s added excitement for me as it is also my birthday month, this year I’ll be celebrating with family abroad, India to be exact. This trip will be full of culture, festivities, and reuniting with all my family I haven’t seen in years. I’m nervous seeing everyone again, but I know it will be a trip full of memories and I won’t want to leave (as usual). Hopefully, this trip refreshes me, enhances my spirituality, and brings new insights and inspirations.

As I will be jetting out to the motherland, I thought I would share my tips on how to pack for India in October, as well as personal must-haves. Usually, my mother tends to pack a month in advance, however surprisingly on this occasion we left it pretty last minute – apparently I work well under pressure. Let’s get to my carefully selected essentials:

1. Sandals. 
Temperatures can get fairly high in India during the day, so sandals or comfortable, breezy footwear is recommended. Though in the morning and evenings it gets cooler, imagine typical autumnal weather.

2. Colourful Clothing. 
If you’re heading to India around Diwali (the festival of lights) and wish to participate in the celebrations, colourful clothing is best advised. Remember to keep the idea of modesty in your mind when planning your outfits, as India is quite a tradition country. Though everyone loves to dress up, whether it’s in sequins, glitter, or bright colours, the outfits around you will have you stood in awe.

3. Headphones.
Journeys can be pretty time-consuming if you’re anything like me you’ll love to have music surrounding you. Headphones are a must have, in fact, I’m even taking my speakers with me.

4. Insect Repellent.
You’ll thank me later, there are insects everywhere you turn, carrying different diseases. Not only are mosquito bites itchy, they can have bigger consequences, it’s better to protect yourself before it even becomes an issue.

5. Sunscreen. 
Your skin is very sensitive to the sun, so protect it with sunscreen every time you leave your accommodation. You don’t want to get a sunburn, or worse, skin disorders.

6. Light Jacket.
As mentioned above it can get cooler towards the evenings so a light jacket can be handy to keep away the breeze. It’s also a cute addition to your outfits, whether you choose to dress up or down.

Colourful Asian Fashion India

Stated above are six general items that would be advisable to any traveller to take during this period. I also have personal must-haves that I can’t travel without, let me know if you relate to any of the items I mention below.

1. Soko.
I like to travel with a piece of home, Soko is my pink plush monkey. A cute bundle of cuddliness, great for when you’re feeling low, missing home, or just want something to cuddle. It also holds great significance for me as it was given by someone special.

2. Notepad and Pen.
I find I usually have some spare time, having a pad to note down all your thoughts, creative bursts, and random doodles is a great form of expression, perhaps it will lead to great future endeavours – you never know. This is also known as a travel journal, especially for documenting your journeys, thoughts experienced on the trip and much more. It’s a personalised memory.

3. Tea Light Candles. 
Candles are pampering items, they normally have soothing scents and lighten up any room. Not only do I want them to freshen up my bedroom, candles will be a cute addition to the aesthetics of the room. For me, I have a showcase in my room which needs some decor love, first order of business, add candles.

4. Mini Pillow.
Again cuddle factor, this mini pillow comforts and soothes me, especially when it’s bedtime. Ideal size, great to take on your journey, I’m planning to take mine onto the plane. Both my boyfriend and mother dislike my purple pillow as they say it’s taking away from the attention and cuddles I give them.

I hope you found my list of essentials helpful and informative. My journey abroad begins in less than 48 hours, be sure to catch my adventures on social media – MusicGeekOnline.

What’s one thing you couldn’t leave the country without? 

Until next time, stay classy and blessed,



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