Confidence (Neschoo – Bottle It Up)

Confidence (Neschoo - Bottle It Up)

How you doing?
It’s time for fun and games
Summer has arrived
Need an extra pick me up?
In the form of music?
Well, I got you covered.

Summer is here, are you excited? Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you. Look in the mirror, you see that reflection staring back at you, well, that’s the ideal summer body. Love the body you have, don’t punish it for not conforming to the beauty ideals portrayed by the media, it’s unrealistic. Get your confidence up, we already have Meghan Trainor and Beyoncé singing anthems of empowerment and self-confidence. Now let me introduce you all to Neschoo who has made her own track. An uptempo banger called Bottle It Up. It is a very outspoken and courageously written song revolving around peer pressures and stigmas within society. In this technological era, social media has bridged the gap of communications around the world, however, there is also a negative effect to this. Individuals can base their opinion on what they see in the digital realm without even meeting you, hence why there are now job roles based on branding, marketing, and social media management. It has become a significant part of society, everyone owns a phone, the majority are on social media, and with this development the differences between when I was a child, and millennials are vast. Neschoo has jumped on an instrumental that some refer to as Trap, we just call it music. She decided the objective of the song would be to give back to women (and men) who felt uncertain about themselves in this day and age, allowing them to embrace confidence in all areas of life through the message of her music. Spreading positivity through her art form, do you resonate with her message?

What makes you feel confident this summer

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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