Road Trip Adventure To Portland

Portland, Dorset

During all my recent deadlines, my two best friends and I planned a pamper session in Portland, as we hadn’t seen each other in roughly five months. Portland is a small peaceful island, perfect for a short vacation, or owning a summer home, situated close to Dorset and Weymouth. Apparently, I live on the edge, I stayed up all night completing an assignment which I managed to submit at 6am, and then proceeded to frantically run around trying to pack for the trip, get ready, and not look, nor act like a zombie.

Road Trip Adventure To Portland

It all began by being picked up in Nottingham at early, o, clock, or what seemed as such, for a five-hour journey. Despite feeling inhuman, we were dressed for a fashionable adventure. As during our December road trip, we hardly got any pictures taken of us, the three musketeers. We were running on caffeine – which was definitely required to keep our energies up – for me personally, I am now in love with the Starbucks caramel frappuccino. As the name suggests, music was included in our journey, blasting a mix of afrobeats, bhangra, and hip-hop down the motorway, we were in our own peaceful little bubble.

Once we reached Portland, we were ready for our pamper session, but as always we seem to forget the facemasks, but we enjoyed the movie marathon with our delicious munchies. Simply chilling with these girls is enough; it makes me grateful for having great people around me. I appreciate both Izzy and Mez for being level headed women who have accomplished so much, it gives me a lot to live up to, and these girls motivate me so much. If this wasn’t enough, they have awesome banter too, what’s not to love, no wonder we get along so well, we’re a work in progress, soon to be successful weirdos.

Rendezvous In Weymouth

As for Portland, we had a mini tourist adventure, venturing to Sandsfoot castle for the scenery, which looked even better with the sunny weather. It was the perfect day to relax on the beach, hopefully, next time we’ll stay longer and have the full tourist experience. After visiting the harbour, we searched for a little place to eat before setting off again. We had an option between familiarity and risk-taking; we went with the risk and were not disappointed. We found a riverside pub called Rendezvous. The place was exquisite, from the buildings actual appearance to the delicious food and the friendly staff. If you do visit Rendezvous, I suggest the sex on the beach cocktail, it looks and tastes like a pinch of Caribbean heaven.

The Views Of Weymouth

Where would you love to visit in the near future? 

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