Happy International Women’s Day (Circle The Block)

Circle The Streets With Woman Power

Happy International Women’s Day ladies. A day to appreciate the female species all around the world, the queens in our lives. The strong, powerful creatures, who have been wronged by society. How? You may wonder. Well, rather than thinking of ourselves as the queens that we are, women are filled with insecurity by the beauty ideal portrayed by popular media outlets, celebrities, and the model lifestyle. But I would like to take this moment to say everyone is beautiful, inside out, upside down, every curve and stretch mark – simply embrace beauty. What better way to show appreciation than through music. One of my favourite female artists released new music today, it’s only right to recognise a talented lady in the music industry, who goes by the name of Tink. (Side-note: she’ll be performing in the UK soon, which I’m excited about). 

Circle The Block - Tink

Let me introduce you to young Chicago rapper, who’s been killing the game for a while now, and she hasn’t even turned 21 yet. Like Sophia Amoruso would say, she’s truly an embodiment of a Girl Boss. The last we heard from was Tink back in December 2015 when she was featured on Timbaland’s King Stays King mixtape, with songs like Drama Queen, Tables, and Frenemies. More recently she featured on Sy Ari Da Kid’s song Closure which was on his B4 The Heartbreak mixtape. Tink delivers each line with a fierce hunger and confidence, she’s young and living the new wave lifestyle. Timbaland opens the intro of the song claiming 2016 the year of success for the team, you create your own opportunities, so you reading this, yes you, it can be your year too. Great things are coming from Tink and her team, she’s a great example of lyrical ability, consistency, and drive.

How are you appreciating women today?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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