Double S x Shocka – One Take

Guess who’s stirring up a commotion on the scene, self-proclaimed tempo specialists. Double S and Shocka (previously known as the trio Marvell Boys) have teamed up to tease the fans. On Rude Kid‘s instrumental that was released back in November. One Take premiered on GRMDaily, filmed by Historic and Scyph. Line after line, how can you not be impressed? They delivered the hype through the visuals, did you clock the dabbing?

The common topic of discussion when regarding Double S and Shocka is usually they’re so underrated, where have you been again? Damn, that’s fire. The boys have repeatedly proven they have the ability to create a versatile track list depending on which scene they’re targeting. They’ve been locked up in the studio actively creating hits upon hits, remember greatness takes time. Even Chip took five months to reply to Bugzy Malone. What would you rather be a Rolls-Royce or a Toyota? Make the right decision.

Double S x Shocka - One Take

With that being said, wheel ups, all they get is wheel ups. This freestyle is levelling the quality of the original track, back on the scene with a vengeance, Beyoncé style. Not to mention the support they’re receiving from various artists, fans and peers who are all sharing the video on social media. Currently, on the grime scene, Chip has been the talk of the town, his riddims have had the scene gassed. However, with the release of the One Take Freestyle, all I have to say is move over Chippy, Double will lyrically spin man around, and Shocka will feed them nothing but the truth. The journey they’ve had has made them into veterans of the game. They’ve been on the scene from early if only you knew. These kings have so much greatness yet to release if the only y’all knew. With so much positivity surrounding the One Take Freestyle, the expectations for Double S’s upcoming EP, For Motivational Use Only is highly anticipated, download here and give us your verdict.

What’s your opinion on the One Take Freestyle?

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