Break Gender Stereotypes & Inequality

Break Gender Stereotypes & Inequality


Why does success equate to marriage and motherhood for women? We teach girls to aspire to marriage, but we don’t teach boys the same. We tell them to be ambitious but not too successful otherwise, you will threaten the man. We have created the world where young girls dream of their wedding entrance, the theme, and outfits but nothing more. Don’t let society limit your options, you are more than your ability to nurture and bear children, your wedding day will not be the biggest day of your life, look beyond that. Allow yourself to follow your own ambitions, such as becoming a lawyer, doctor, an iconic figure for other women, or even an entertainer. Don’t be average when you’re capable of extraordinary moments, start working hard and change the world boo. As Raxstar would say it’s sweeter when you work for it, it’s deeper when you hurt for it. If you ever feel to take a break from your dream, remember why you started

When I was younger, I was classed as a tomboy since I preferred hip-hop to mainstream pop, I played Kabbadi, wrestling, cricket, and football than having Barbies or a kitchen set. Many questions arise, why must we instil gender roles from a young age? How did gender roles begin? How can an activity be classed under a particular gender? How do you measure masculinity/femininity? What’s happening to this world? Only God knows. I respect everyone’s opinion unless it suggests inequality is good, in that case, jokes.

Before girls are even born, society has given them an invisible checklist, a list of social constructs society believes is acceptable since it gives those in power a form of controlling the masses, and those who do not obey are the outliers. We weren’t put on this planet to simply go to school, earn a degree, work a 9 to 5 to pay off debts, get married and create a family. Know your value, I know I’m destined for greatness, as are you. Marriage and motherhood aren’t for everyone, but if that’s for you, then that’s great. As for me, I want to create a mark in the history books, and change society for the better. Respect that and allow me to chase my goals, don’t force something upon me before I am ready for it. Once girls reach a certain age we pressure them to settle down, search for Mr Right, yet do not embark the same reasoning upon boys. Befriend yourself before becoming a part of a unit, you need to be able to understand yourself before allowing someone else to enter your world.

Punjabi legend Gurdas Maan, present a song called Ki Banu Duniya Da. He re-writes it here, adding a stellar performance by current Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh. This exclusive track, arranged by Jatinder Shah, sees a massive collaboration of these big names of Punjabi music. Reiterating a message for the youth that speaks about not forgetting your roots, in this age of modernity. Especially picking on themes like drug abuse, disenchantment amongst the youth and the future of our nation, the lyrical punch is delivered using a traditional verse, with additional lyrics written by Gurdas Maan himself.

What’s one thing about your culture that you appreciate? 

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