A Month In Ghana 2014

Working In Ghana For A Month (2014)

Times flies, this time last year (July 5th, 2014) I was travelling to Ghana (GH), Accra to complete a month marketing internship with Multiple Concepts Group of Charter House. This was my first experience of travelling to a foreign country alone, it was nice to travel with some of the other interns, however besides a few e-mails, we didn’t know each other, so meeting at the airport after baggage check-in was interesting, everyone was so friendly that I no longer felt anxious about travelling to GH. Whilst waiting for our gate to open we started getting to know one another, the typical questions: where we’re from, what we study, what year we’re in and any prior experience in travelling.

Once we had arrived, passed through immigration, we had to wait for our luggage, where we experience the laid-back nature of the country waiting over an hour to receive all our bags. Despite the late arrival, we were welcomed warmly by everyone and were driven to our new home for the next month. Meeting all the interns in the days to come was interesting as everyone had different (yet big) personalities, with expertise in different career sectors.

Exploring Ghana During Free Time

I began as an intern, on the week starting July 7th, 2014. On average I would rise at 5, leaving the house by 7 to get to work roughly at 8:30. I was introduced and assigned to shadow one of the personnel (Judith) of the marketing team. I accompanied her to radio stations (including, Peace FM, Joy FM, etc.) in order to get the transmission certificates so that each company gets the correct commission. Due to the distance of my workplace, I would get home late so I would be grateful when the girls would cook dinner. On Tuesday morning there was a department progress meeting, which lasted 1 hour 30 minutes. Towards the end of the meeting, the boss decided to ask how the new employee/interns had found Multiple Concepts thus far. It was my second day I was still adjusting to the work environment hence I could only speak positively about the experience. Once the internship ended, I went to see everyone, and thank all the employees for the great opportunity. When I spoke to the boss again he asked me the same question about my time at the company, I gave my honest opinion that was highly valued.

Work Colleague In Ghana

I met some lovely individuals during my internship – Jason, Jackie, Nana, Dennis, Judith, Veronica, as well as the other interns. My only regret is that I hadn’t spoken to them sooner, as I can have shy characteristics with new people (occasionally), but I’m glad that I’m still in contact with them all. I bonded with a person over music who goes by the stage name Temple, who represents the Pata by even dedicating a song to his area on this mixtape Khakis and Vans. I found his accent quite fascinating, as it was a mix of Twi and English (both British and American). He sent me his mixtape to listen to and asked for my opinion, it was surprisingly good, but I was brutally honest with my views. Be sure to download the Khakis and Van’s mixtape, it is worth the listen and give some feedback, whilst you’re at it.

Overall the Ghanaian experience was eventful, learning about marketing, the culture of Ghana, exploring Accra in groups, going on trips to see Elmina Castle (where emotions ran high) and a canopy walk (slowly overcoming my fear of heights). Going clubbing in Osu to celebrate Veronica’s birthday was fun, strictly afrobeats (which was great). On our days off Busayo and I headed to Labadi beach on several occasions that we became known by the merchants. The beach had various activities, from a great fruit smoothie to refresh us, to riding a quad bike, horse trails, and even getting my nails done at the beach. It was the best of both worlds, a balance between work and play. Embrace the opportunities that come in your direction, you never know where they could lead you.

Have you visited Ghana before?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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