An Increase In The Level Of Thirst Online

An Increase In The Level Of Thirst Online

A level of thirst is growing and it’s not healthy, nor should we encourage this behaviour. People are craving the wrong type of attention on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by posting half naked pictures of themselves. The term ‘sexiness’ is defined by the individual, you can still be considered attractive with all your clothes on. For instance, a simple turtleneck, paired with statement jewellery, wearing subtle make-up with a bold red lipstick is much better than showing your flesh.

Do not allow society to justify how women should present themselves, you’re beautiful, it’s society that’s ugly. Women, we must empower one another not tear each other down, compliment each other’s achievements, show respect and be powerful beings in a plastic world where media (and celebrities) sexualise women. Girls are constantly bombarded with messages about being skinner, prettier and sexier, we should love our bodies, every curve, imperfection and flaw we think we have. It is not a healthy obsession to follow celebrity fazes such as diets, wearing waist trainers without exercising, or using products that could be harmful to our bodies. As women we have a lot of pressure to conform to an unrealistic image, the beauty ideal is unattainable, don’t punish yourself because you don’t look similar to the images you consume.

Both Fifth Harmony and Colbie Caillat are showing women a new direction. Fifth Harmony espousing the virtues of financial independence and strong female role models, like Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey, through their single BO$$. Exuding confidence and incorporating motivational quotes at the beginning of the video, to empower the younger generation of women to come. Collie Caillat is showing women that they can be natural, and don’t need to try so hard to impress others, with make-up caked on their faces, or changing things about themselves. This goes to the boys as well, if you ever feel the pressure to change remind yourself (on a daily basis) ‘I Love Myself’ like Kendrick Lamar said.

What’s one thing you love about yourself?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


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