B2DaDot – Be A Man (Single Review)

B2DaDot - Be A Man (Single Review)

Better Than Good is B2DaDot’s debut album, after making a name for himself releasing 10 solo mix-tapes he finally put out his first full-length album for his fans. The album is available right now over on iTunes. Overall, the album has some great instrumentals produced by the man himself – B2DaBeat, as well as YNot, ChurchboyBeatz, and LR Beats. Rather than giving an album overview, I decided to focus on one single, called Be A Man.

Be A Man

When hearing these three words questions arise in my mind, what is manhood? How can it be defined? Three simple words that I’ve heard around me frequently, referring to strength and courage. Could these traits define manhood? The role of the man is tied to masculinity, which is a social construct that has been changing over the past 60 years. Despite some cultures having certain rites of passage into manhood, one example is the Satere-Mawe tribe believes to transition into a man, a boy must wear a woven glove full of bullet ants and withstand their stings for 10 minutes without making a noise. With some exceptions, there are some universal characteristics that apply to most men. According to B2DaDot all men encounter the same obstacles: trying to be faithful, put food on the table, experience all available options – whilst taking those around them for granted. Which raises the question can men truly be monogamous? A relationship is much more than sex, it’s a bond shared between two people by learning about one another, indulging in activities and creating memories with each another. An individuals existence is not validated by the ability to please someone sexually. It is a deeper connection to another human being, with intertwining souls and deeper understanding, sex should only solidify the bond further.

What are your views on the single Be A Man?

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