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MusicGeekOnline is a lifestyle, fashion, and music blog. My aim is to spread positivity, and happiness, in addition to empowering women to chase their ambitions, and love their bodies. Clothing, accessories, and makeup are all factors that generally increase confidence and productivity, though styles may vary. I believe we need more girl love in the world, we must encourage and support one another than bash each other's successes. This illustrates that change is required within us for society not to deteriorate. We are all global citizens, with a universal medium of music, with no language barriers, cultures are embraced thus catering to a wider audience. 

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tajinder, meaning the God of Grandeur in Punjabi, quite a lot to live up to wouldn't you say, haha. I'm a 22-year-old UK blogger who graduated from Nottingham Trent University, receiving a degree in BA (Hons) Media Studies with Communications. I have always been a music enthusiast, however, a strong interest (or infatuation) in fashion has been ignited during the past year. Reason being, it is a form of art that allows us all to express our individuality. Fashion is breaking boundaries and accepting all types of diversity, we no longer have a narrow-minded vision of fashion. Random fact: I enjoy spreading positivity as the world could always use a little extra, and I adore all things cute and sparkly. 

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  1. Good Work Tajindar!!!! Love your website!!! xxxxx

  2. Love what you believe in and totally agree! X

    1. I'm glad that you agree, we need more positivity in the world. X


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