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Relationship advice is a matter of opinion with some common trends, but generally, advice may vary depending on individuals, a couple needs to understand one another better. In all stages of a relationship, whether it's dating, short term, long term or marriage, both partners need to compromise in order to successfully thrive within their relationship. You just need to decide which one you're willing to compromise for - don't fall for players ladies, you have more class than that. You're all young queens, with so much potential, be a ride or die for a man who's willing to build an empire with you.

Let your other half be your best friend, communicate everything on your mind, from your hearts desires, sexual fantasies, to all your fears. Understand each other better, and your relationship will work, and hardly break down. This life is full of trials and tribulations’, having someone by your side through thick and thin, only makes fighting through the obstacles a little bit sweeter.

Fear is an illusion that doesn't allow you to progress in life. Anything that scares you is bound to change you in a positive light because it is challenging to the individual. Do you think anyone succeeded in life, relationships, or careers whilst lounging in their comfort zone? (Yeah, I didn't think so either). Communicate your fears with your better half, a fresh perspective may result in a better solution - plus trust is the foundation of a relationship. Don't allow yourself to be disrespected, disconnected, or disenchanted by the fears that you face.

Trouble in paradise? Unsure what to do? A great way to resynchronize your relationship is through the four R's method. 1) Reveal your frustrations to one another. Don't bottle it up as it can lead to passive-aggressive behaviour. 2) Revalue your relationship. What attracted you to one another in the first place? Can the problem be amended? 3) Revise the problem by suggesting mini tweaks and compromises that will make the relationship sail smoothly once again. 4) Rehearse your solutions, it's easy to say you will do something, but put your words into action. 

Love is complicated, but if it were easy, would it still be worth the honour of going after it? Love is subjective, there is no definitive way on how to give and receive affection. Instead, it changes the individual, it demanding understanding, gratitude and makes us susceptible to vulnerability. We can't love someone with our guards up, so it breaks down all our layers until it reaches our core. This allows a couple to understand each other from the core to the surface.

In a globalised world, we need to make extra effort to stay connected to one another. We're in an age of capitalism, where anything can be replaced in a blink of an eye that we don't cherish relationships like previous generations. Though it may be easy to replace an individual, everyone has unique traits and characteristics that you'll never have two relationships mirroring each other. Treasure your relations as they may not always be there, people move on, distance grows, and death is promised to us.

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