25 Before 25

Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent. - Maxwell Malta

I'm feeling twenty-two. My birthday recently passed, two weeks ago to be exact. Although it was an amazing celebration of life, it got me thinking how time passes by rapidly. If we don't remind ourselves to stop and embrace every moment, life may truly pass us by with a blink of an eye. This led me to create this very blog post. Before I turn twenty-five in October 2019 I wish to accomplish a few things, and overall become a better version of myself. Here's my list of twenty-five:

1) Secure a job in content writing or social media.

2) Go to the theatre. 

3) Go to a comedy club (05/11/2016)

4) Go to a jazz bar.

5) Attend 5 spontaneous events. (3/5)

6) Get my own place.

7) Interview 3 influential individuals.

8) Read 50 books - as knowledge is power (9/50).

9) Go to the gym regularly, twice a week. (ongoing)

10) Get married.

11) Create an ebook.

12) Work with 5 photographers. (3/5)

13) Have a professional photo-shoot (26/03/2017)

14) Collaborate with 10 influencers. (5/10)

15) Start a newsletter // mailing list.

16) Own a pet. 

17) Try public speaking 5 times. (2/5)

18) Submit articles to be published in magazines, websites, and influencers (6)

19) Start my own YouTube channel (23/02/2017)

20) Participate in blogmas (December 2016)

21) Attend 5 blogging events. (4/5)

22) Travel to California.

23) Travel to South Africa.

24) Travel to Dubai (20/08/2017)

25) Travel to Morocco (28/08/2017)

Well, that's my list, if I'm organised with my time, and procrastinate less, I will truly be able to achieve all my goals. Not to mention these opportunities and experiences will be incredible. 

What would you wish to accomplish if you knew you couldn't fail? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,


  1. My goal is just to try and be happy everyday (not always possible) and keep blogging and creating videos which makes me happy. I hope you get to achieve them all : ) xoxo


    1. Happiness is the ultimate goal in life, keep working towards it dear. Thank you, I'm determined too.



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