Christmas LUSH Wishlist

keeps you warm in any storm
washes away your worries
comfort is all you feel
embrace the festive spirit

Let's set the scene, after a long day at work you return home, your body exhausted, in need of some TLC. The bitter cold has attached itself to your body, warmth is what you require, do you choose a hot beverage or relaxing bath? My response would be the latter. The aroma of spices begins to fill the air as you light candles to set the mood. Next, you add bubble bath, bath salts and reach for your collection of Lush products, bath bombs to be precise. Although I haven't bought anything from them in a while, I know their Christmas products are always exquisite. Plus Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge in jolly festive goodies. Tonight I'm talking about my Lush Christmas wishlist, let me know if you have tried any or have other suggestions. 
With a warm, spicy scent, Christmas Sweater is perfect for a cold, winter night. Autumn toned colours of rich pink and orange invite you into your steamy bath with open arms. How can you resist its call? 

A mixture of shimmering midnight blue unfolds in the bath whilst filling the air with a warm soothing scent of Brazilian orange and bergamot oils. I hear it leaves skin refreshed and moisturised, no need to reach for the lotion after your bath. 

We all enjoy a nice pudding around Christmas, but how about one for your bathtub? Filling the bathroom with bright colours and a heavenly scent that results in a deep state of relaxation. The only thing on your agenda will be sleep, can you handle the task? 

A deep purple colour with snow white bubbles, leaving a fruity scent that lingers on the skin for a while. Allow the plum and Sicilian mandarin aroma to whisk you away, open your imagination and go on an adventure while your body rejuvenates. 

I just had to include Snow Fairy onto the list, it leaves you feeling happy and loved. Turns a regular shower experience into a magical fairytale. The fairy is out of the bottle and is causing sweet havoc along the way, a delightful lingering scent will have you feeling cheery for much longer.  

These are my top five choices that would add an extra sparkle to the bathing experience with beautiful colours, oils and aromas. Do you agree my options? 

What's your favourite Lush product? 

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