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It's always wonderful to get to know women, with the mystery and the joy and the depth. If you can make a woman laugh, you're seeing the most beautiful thing on God's Earth. - Keanu Reeves

You better start running (running)
The women are coming (coming) 
The double standards, I can't take it
Why is this happening?
I'm just trying to break the circle
I'm coming with a fire
My soul keeps burning 
The ugly truth
We heard the whispers 
You ignored the cries 
Keep hoping I'm wrong 
Am I hurting myself?
The tables keep turning
But women are still in the wrong
It's 20-17 
Is this still happening?
Which way do I go?
Fear is not an option
The idea alone is pretty scary
Ladies dress as you please
A man can't break you
Shouldn't even exist
Sober or an altered state
No means no
Bringing the noise
You better listen up
Men educate your sons
Learn respect 
Topic of conversation
Stand up for yourself
Stay woke

Tried something different, let me know your thoughts. If you enjoyed this post head on over to Respected Regal, touching on beauty and societal norms. 

If you could change one thing in 2017, what would it be and why?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,



  1. You are SLAYING in these photos, Tajinder! Wow! Your outfit is gorgeous and so well put together! You're oozing confidence and I absolutely love it! Your poem is really hard-hitting too, I love how you've singled out impactful words and put them on their own line! Your frustration with the way that women are treated is clear - it's words like these that can make a difference and make people question their attitudes! Go you!

    Abbey 💕 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Aww, thank you Abbey! I appreciate your kind words and how this post has resonated with you. I enjoyed writing it, I wanted to express my frustrations in an impactful way, so it's lovely to know that it's working.


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