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I want to be known for having a recognizable style. I believe having your own personal identity is what makes you competitive. On the other hand, I would like to be versatile and be challenged to go in new directions. - Cliff Martinez

Over the course of March, in association with New Direction, I've been participating in the four-week brand development and content production course culminating in a live fashion shoot. Masterclasses and talks from Dazed Media, British Fashion Council, Gary Card and Henry Holland. The experience has taught me quite a lot, from basic photography skills (London Fashion Week Festival) to brand identity (clothing line), to social media management (Instagram takeovers). I've created a strong network of influencers (look out for future collabs), been shortlisted for the London Fashion Week photography competition, which is a great accomplishment in itself, and had the privilege of meeting creatives such as Ashish, Refinery29, (read about the experience here), the Dazed team, Kasia Bobula and many more. I would like to say a massive thank you to the Create Jobs team, none of these things would have been possible without their input. 

During the weekend, the team was based at Lock Studios, working with photographer Will Selden, set designer Gary Card and stylist, Davey Sutton. We all had the task to manifest our ideas into reality within a limited period of time. For the shoot I was prepared, opting for the simplicity factor in certain aspects such as set design and shooting the look. I had a vision and strong brand message that I wanted to portray. The Lioness collection is targeted towards women (however men are still able to rock the clothing), it is full of culture, empowerment, and unity. It was interesting to gain an insight into how a professional photo shoot would run in the fashion industry, one word, chaotic. I would still do it again, I loved every moment of it.

Would you participate in a photo shoot given the opportunity? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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