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London Fashion Week is here, with so many stylish creatives in the capital, I'm stuck for choice on who to follow. I'm excited to be covering fashion week again this season,  keep up-to-date by following me on social media - MusicGeekOnline. Now over to Mariama Rebecca who wrote a wonderful guest piece on her favourite fashion icons.
Hello there!! I hope you are having a good day? In celebration of London Fashion Week (LFW), I wanted to share with you some of my in the moment favourite fashion icons. I'm sure you'll be nodding along in agreement.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen or heard of Olivia Palermo by now. If you haven’t then prepare to be blown away. She was first introduced to the world in the City (TV show) But I never actually got to officially idolise her style until about three years ago when I got into fashion. She is always on the front row with the fashion royalty. Her style is effortless chic which, I adore because I am not a big dresser myself and I love how she can literally make anything wearable.

Alexa Chung is another bad ass stylist. I mean if you remember watching her on UK TV back in the day, I can’t remember her style being this hot lol maybe because I didn’t really care about fashion, I mean who did when you were younger... I certainly didn’t – I only got into the whole fashion thing as I got older because I cared about how I looked. Anyways Alexa is another babe with mad ass style skills. Her style is simple and always on point. She is always rocking her natural barely wearing makeup look. Which is just something you don’t seem to see these days with all the heavy contouring and really well-done foundation look. Don’t get me wrong, I like high coverage makeup look but not all the time. Just like Olivia, Alexa can also be seen in the front row at Fashion shows and she has collaborated with fashion brand e.g. AG Jeans, Eyeko etc. Alexa has a very distinctive personal style and I totally love that about her.

Solange Knowles who's mostly known as Beyoncé younger sister. She may not be the most iconic fashionista for some but for me, she is a style icon. Her hair game alone makes me very envious because my Afro isn’t that big or frolicious. Solange’s style is epic, cultural and very on point. Whenever I look at her style, I keep wishing I was that good at dressing up different prints that shouldn’t go together but on her, they go perfectly well together.

Zendaya is my final fashion icon. Being that young and being this good at dressing up should be a crime. She is a very talented lady who I always love reading about. She's not one who’s afraid of speaking her mind, remember when she posted that untouched picture on her Instagram- yep that's the sort of kickass lady that she is. She’s grown up from her days on Shake It up on Disney Channel (loved watching that show the dance moves and jokes 🙈😊) and has found what works for her and she has kept to it. She is definitely breaking all the rules and is smashing it.

If you loved this post, then head over to Mariama's blog No Unicorns Were Harmed (isn't that a badass name) for similar posts. 

Who's your favourite style icon of today? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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