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Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values. - Thomas S. Monson

During December everyone always seems a little happier. The hot festive beverages we consume, the decorated cities we reside in, and the Christmas songs we hear on the radio, all add a sparkle to our day, warming our hearts as soon as we wake up. We're full of joy like Santa Claus and the children who believe in the magic of the season. We learn that happiness like everything else is temporary in adulthood. In a world where laughter is suspicious, kindness is mistaken for flirtation, and the system you believed so much in, forgets about you - then tell me what's really left? 

Back to the present day, it's the season of giving, whether it's a gift, a compliment, or a mere smile. We tend to interact more with one another during the holidays, but why is that? Being surrounded by family and friends are we more grateful, full of love, compassionate towards others that we don't want anyone to feel lonely. Then why don't we share such warmth during the rest of the year, once the holidays pass the problems still remain, but we overlook that. Looking toward happiness today I wanted to share the things I adore about Christmas.

Giving Gifts | The process of shopping for gifts, wrapping them in colourful paper, adding a personalised card and giving it to attended person to see a smile on their face makes me feel content. 

Decorations | The streets are full of bright lights, tall trees, and wreaths. Our social media feeds are full of decorated Christmas trees, personalised stockings, and slogan cushions, each image is aesthetically pleasing.

Coats | Fall/Winter is about layers when it comes to fashion, using beautiful seasonal shades of mauve, chocolate, and wine. Since last year I have been obsessed with the faux fur detachable collar, I took advantage of the black Friday sales by ordering myself a winter coat from New Look. It arrived yesterday, a longline black coat with cream faux fur collar, and belted detail. 

Drinks | Drinks get spiced up with flavour, opening our taste palettes to the sweetness of chocolate orange, black forest, and gingerbread fusions just to name a few. Another plus is our favourite coffee shops all have seasonal drink (and food) menus that they introduce in November. 

Markets | When I lived in Nottingham Christmas markets were just a walk away, now that I'm back in London it seems like a journey to visit, but there's always great things on show. Seasonal food, gifts inspirations and decor. 

Baths | The whole ambiance of baths excite me, it's relaxing to unwind on a cold day in a candle-lit room, with bubble bath, scented bath bombs, rose petals - it smells divine. We all need to schedule a pamper session occasionally to keep us sane. 

These are the things that excite my inner child about Christmas. I would of included family but it's usually just my parents and I. Despite it being small, at least we're all spending time together and not worrying about heading to work or thinking about a deadline. I embrace my inner child every opportunity I get, adulthood forces us to strip our identities, destroys our optimism, and tends to make us cold-hearted towards the world. I choose to be happy and unapologetically myself as I don't require validation nor acceptance, but if you do, you may lose your inner child forever as that's the choice you made. Let the Christmas season fill you with festive cheer for the whole year ahead of you.

What do you enjoy about Christmas?

Stay blessed and classy,


  1. Love this! Giving gifts is one of my favorite things about Christmas. I definitely get a lot of joy out of picking out the perfect gift, even moreso than receiving them. Also, I agree 1000% on loving coats. Pulled my wine colored coat out the second it got chilly :) Looking forward to following you through blogmas! -Miranda

    1. Aww I'm glad you're enjoying my blogmas posts, I'm adding my own twist to each topic. Same here, gift giving is very satisfying in my opinion, and wine is such a seasonal colour, I bet the coat looks very chic in this chilly weather.


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