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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. - Confucius

Whilst reading other blogs it seemed everyone loved to do monthly roundups, so I thought why not have a go, in my own creative little way. The last month has gone by so quick, but that doesn't mean it's been a breeze, far from it actually. The last 30 days have been a constant rollercoaster, full of emotion, activities and big adjustments, but let me take you through some of the highlights of June 2016. Happiness is a choice, positivity has kept me running and aware of all the opportunities coming my way, 

As recently I've become more obsessed with fashion, outfits and all things shopping I begin by sharing some of my favourite outfits of June. I like to add a hint of class to all my outfits since I live by the mantra "dress how you wish to be addressed." Summer is upon us, it's only right to bring out the dresses, I've been loving baby pink, as photographed above. A light casual polka dot dress from Boohoo is ideal for relaxed occasions, with the option to dress up or down. I wore this outfit on Father's Day when we went out to a local restaurant called Sanjha Chula that you must visit if you're in the Dagenham area, exceptional food that will have you coming back. The other dress has lace detail, black dividers and floaty material which is perfect for a date night in summer - a subtle mix of elegance and playfulness. On some days I just want to chill, so I revert back to my tomboy days, with a sense of lady-ness. Though I no longer have a large sneaker collection, my go to place when buying a new pair tends to be Footlocker, when creating an outfit, I merely match a plain tee and Next casual trousers.

I enjoy creativity, and appreciate all types of art, so during this month was Nottingham Trent's Degree Show where a few of my final year friends showcased their projects. NTU has a lot of young talent and upcoming creatives, it was refreshing to see so much creativity in one place. Every piece I saw fascinated me,  there was something to catch your eye in every direction, pop-out art, fashion lines, statues, video pieces and much more. It's only right to support one another, one of my close friends since 1st year created the piece in the middle. What does this piece remind you of? To me, it represents hair (weave, braids, plaits). The brightness of the wall connotes a warmer place, whether that's Africa or Asia, it's a place full of history and culture. Express yourself through your appearance, don't trap your creativity due to following the norm, break free from the chains and be yourself. I like what he tried to portray through his work, the culture truly exudes from the piece. The other pieces also represent society and pop culture, millennials, in particular, are very in tune with fashion and share their food choices on social media. I believe we need to be aware of our choices, as they portray us in certain ways, what does your fashion and food choice say about you? 

Following on with the topic of food, I consider myself a foodie, I enjoy trying new types of food, and going out to restaurants. In June especially I visited various establishments both in Nottingham and London. It was interesting to catch-up with friends over a good meal and celebrate with family, and on one occasion I decided to enjoy my own company and treat myself. Not going to lie, I felt kind of awkward eating alone, I really valued the company of others during meal time. Nonetheless, the food was exceptional. In TGI Friday I order a chicken tostada stack, the avocado really made it great as at times it was slightly dry, but still very enjoyable. My friend and I enjoy a delicious breakfast at Pudding Pantry, I order a chai latte and blueberry pancakes, everything tasted great and you could tell that it was all very fresh. As many of my followers must know by now, I'm obsessed with Starbucks frappuccinos, I usually go for the safe option and order a caramel frappe, however, this time, I was feeling adventurous and got myself the s'mores option, let's just say it was marshmallow heaven. 

This month I want to become much more organised, focused and blog orientated especially as I have just graduated university and in the process of job hunting, I have some extra time for everything I wish to complete. Last month's popular blog post was on the topic of self-love as I was questioning about the future ahead and the age-old question of Who Am I?  (and what's my purpose?). The post got a high amount of hits which I was surprised but definitely happy about, I also received many kind comments from readers - thank you all so much, I truly appreciate it. I genuinely care about everyone around me and those who I encounter on a daily basis, so on National Best Friends Day, I let a few individuals know how much they truly mean to me. We may not speak on a daily basis, but we all ride for one another, and that's what counts. Let those around you know how you feel about them today, surprise them with a small gesture, or even a compliment, they'll appreciate it. Looking forward to July, I hope to collaborate with some bloggers, introduce exclusive features, and launch a few series. Be sure to stick with me through this month for some exciting content. 

That's enough about me, what was your biggest accomplishment in June 2016?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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