A Jewel of its Own (Nano-B Review)

There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset. - Arlen Specter

Today I would like to introduce to all my lovely readers Nano-B*. Though to many a toothbrush isn’t a glamorous beauty product, it is essential to our everyday dental needs. I was pleasantly surprised with the Nano-B Charcoal and Gold toothbrushes. They’re delivered in gold packaging, almost a treat coming through the letter box. The toothbrushes each have a portable storage tub that is great for travel, work, or even a sleepover. Not to mention the actual toothbrush looks whimsical with its crystallized handle. Some may say it appears to be a fairy wand, at least I understand where the tooth fairy myth comes from now.

Researchers at the University of Manchester found that the average toothbrush can harbour more than ten million bacteria including E.coli, staphylococci, and even faecal germs. The accumulation of bacteria can lead to both disease and infection, which is the last thing we expect to obtain when brushing our teeth. Nano-B found a solution to this problem, the charcoal and gold toothbrushes use the natural teeth whitening properties of bamboo charcoal that effectively clean and whiten your teeth simultaneously. However, the major benefit is that it also kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria that try to get on your toothbrush and prevents further growth, with the help of the silver and gold particles. The particles release negatively charged ions that infiltrate bacterial cells, suppressing the cell’s respiration and metabolism.

Have you ever noticed that your toothbrush seems harsh whilst brushing or your gums begin to bleed? Well, this is because the bristles are being cut in a straight manner, which can actually cause us more damage than value. Nano-B uses a special manufacturing process that rounds the edges of their bristles, resulting in a softer feeling during application. I have particularly sensitive teeth, so I was never a hundred percent happy with any toothbrush that I used until now when I tried the Pink Pure Gold Brush. I instantly noticed how soft the bristles were, the top thin layer cleaned the hard to reach places (a form of floss, one could say) and the second layer reached the surface of the teeth. After a few uses, my teeth felt much cleaner and healthier, I couldn’t wait to use my brush again. These toothbrushes not only look great, they work phenomenally too.

Would you like to try Nano-B toothbrushes?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. Anything marked with a * was either sent or gifted to me by companies to try out and possibly review. I only accept products that I think I will use, thereby giving an honest review,  all opinions are my own.

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