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Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. - Rainer Maria Rilke

Spring. Usually when this season comes along, we associate it with pastel colours, however currently the trend in beauty is still quite dark colour sets. Especially when it comes to beauty, most celebrities are wearing wine, mahogany, deep purple, and velvets. I love autumn because these shades are on trend, so I'm ecstatic that everyone is still buzzing for darker shades. 

As spring is among us, and lust lists are all the rage, I've decided to pair the two together and share this seasonal lust list. 

Hoppen Quilted Shoulder Bag in Wine by LYDC

I find the colour of wine a symbol of class, sophistication, and suave. Easily paired with most outfit choices, whether dressing up or down, it works wells. Whilst we're at it lets pair it with a wine pom-pom, reminding me of the fluffiness of spring. Although the colour suits autumn, if paired with a white or pastel sundress, the wine duo will be seen as statement pieces as they contrast the outfit.

Alice And You Black Eyelash Lace Slip Dress by Dorothy Perkins

Slip dresses are definitely in fashion for the upcoming seasons, they were spotted on the runways of S/S16 fashion shows, as well as documented in popular magazines, such as Glamour or Cosmopolitan. This Dorothy Perkins slip dress is basically a simple little black dress, rather than most I've seen which resemble lingerie. The lace detailing at the bottom gives it great sex appeal, whilst remaining conservative, I love the simplicity of the dress.

Wide Fit Tan Suedette Ghillie Wedges by New Look

Heading towards the common spring shades, I've been lusting over some tan wedges. When it comes to shoes I'll usually be wearing wedges, chunky heel boots, or booties. These shoes remind me of a pair of sandals that I owned when I was much younger, plus these wedges are simple yet cute. Hmm, seeing a common theme here, aren't we? 

In the true theme of my blog posts, here's the music segment. American artist Tink releases another banger, the track is called Home. The subject matter I believe resonates with a few ladies out there. The instrumental has a sweet vibe which is ideal as we're in the season of spring, in addition to the chocolatey goodness that Easter brings with it. 

What's your favourite spring go-to items? 

Stay blessed and classy,


  1. I love the bag and shoes! I really want some strappy sandals for summer! Kendall/Kylie Jenner style :p

    Eb x


    1. They're nice right! Oo strappy sandals would look so pretty, I can't wait for summer, I need that heat, haha :D xx


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