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When you're traveling constantly, every day you become inspired, and it shows in my work, sonically, lyrically, visually. Conversations with women with different accents and stories told in those accents. I like to create characters based on different people I've met, and relationships. I like to tell stories loosely based on real-life events. - The Weeknd

There are numerous people online who wish to break into the music industry, in a saturated society, majority of the music the media circulates is watered down content, with the exceptions of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Beyoncé - we all saw formation and instantly fell in love with, or was that just me? - I appreciate storytellers, with interesting visuals rather than the generic videos of objectified women and predictable lyrics. Don't limit art by following the crowd, support those who genuinely interest you. You won't be alone so don't worry. 

Everyone knows The Weeknd (obviously), well this music Monday I thought I'd introduce you all to someone just as amazing, round of applause for Devvon Terrell. I discovered him through artist VI Seconds's recent mixtape entitled DemiGod, as he was featuring on Wonder Woman bringing emotion through his vocals for a profound song, about women. 

Can't Feel My Face is a popular song, and Devvon Terrell did justice to the hooks, he added his own touch to the instrumental, smoothly switching between powerful vocals, and fast rapping. He embodies happiness, humour, and positivity - the video definitely showcases his entertaining personality. He has also teamed up with Futuristic, and released a joint album called Coast 2 Coast, If you enjoy 90s hip-hop instrumentals, great lyrically content and Devvon Terrell, head on over to Soundcloud now.

What are your thoughts on Devvon Terrell?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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