Habit Development (Rico Zone - His Own)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

As January ends, and February is on the horizon, our so-called New Year resolutions must be long forgotten and we're back in our predictable lifestyle. Every year this is the common routine, but why is this? We set major goals, but don't really think how to achieve it on a daily basis. It is suggested that to form a habit it takes 21 days of dedication, however, according to Forbes, habit formation is much more complex, as it has three stages to achieve it. The first one would be the honeymoon. This is the illusion that everything is perfect; you’re highly motivated and ready for the positive results.

97% of people who quit to soon are employed by the 3% who never give up.

When the results aren’t instantly visible, our positivity fades hence this is the stage that distinguishes the winners from the quitters. To move pass the second stage known as fight-through you must become more self-aware. Recognise how you’re feeling and actively choose to succeed despite the negative feelings that you may be experiencing, by asking questions such as:

• How will I feel if I do this?
• What will the implications be if I don’t do this?

Ultimately if that technique doesn’t work, envision how your life may look in 5 years time if you don’t make this change, and if you do. Evaluate the difference, and you will surely see a contrast between the two, and feel empowered to achieve your goals.

The final stage is commonly known as second nature, as we become aware of how to go about achieving the desired goal. Though greatness takes time, there are some obstacles along the way that may prevent our progression. Discouragement, disruptions, and self-importance are major factors that could set an individual back a step. Forming a habit in order to achieve success takes daily effort, commitment and you shall be prosperous.

Dallas artist, Rico Zone delivers new single entitled His Own. He provides Southern inspiration on the record, with its slow tempo it allows the listener to listen to the message. The track speaks about being independent, dreaming, and brushing on matters of violence. Though his voice sounds raw, and needs more mixing, he distinctively reminds me of J. Cole, could this be a sign? We’ll just have to wait and see the results. His Own is also featured on his upcoming EP, Winterlude.

What are your views on habit formation?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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