Know Your Worth (King Callis - KINGCALLIS.COM)

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. - Benjamin Franklin

Being involved in the music industry, it is easy to become sidetracked by all the money, glitz, and glamour. I respect any artist who remains humble despite gaining popularity, who has faith in their own ability and continues to perfect their craft, rather than watering down content in order to generate profit. Most can create a chart topper ready for the clubs since the structure is simple: derogatory lyrics over a funky instrumental so the masses do not pay attention to the content. It is a lot harder to create a single or even an album with substance. If you do not believe in the cause, you will not know all the relevant information to speak about or reference.

Blew my forty from my shorty, hope we see better days. We came from kings to slaves the niggas laying in graves. Now we shackled in chains because IQ had a plan, to made another race different from original man.

North Carolina emcee King Callis follows his Brunch (Food For Thought) album with a new single and visual release for the Funkaholic produced KINGCALLIS.COM which is pure lyrical bliss at its finest. Callis' sound mirrors that of the late 90's Common Sense or Slum Village with his own added flavor thrown in and that's what's truly given him an advantage over many of the artists that surround him. If you appreciate old hip-hop, then you will definitely support Callis. His strength lies in his ability to engage a crowd while leaving them with much food for thought and making them come back for much more.

Reminder: Know your worth. You are the image of the most high, do not allow anyone to undermine you. Share your wisdom and educate your community, it's time for an intellectual revolution. Represent your community and the people that reside in it, we are global citizens, music has no borders.

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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