March Monthly Playlist 2015

Another month has gone by already, as we enter April, let's rewind to find out my personal favourites during March with this month's playlist. What genres caught your sound palette? For me it was a mixture of Hip-Hop. Grime and World. 

1. Big Boi - Royal Flush ft. Raekwon & Andre 3000 (2008)
All three artists go in different lyrical directions, impressing the listeners with their flow, content,  humorous wit and intellect. Big Boi refers to nuclear warfare with lyrics such as: (Impeach the President cause he don't think before he talk / Iraq, goddamn; now he gunning for Iran / North Korea got that shit that make LA look like Japan). Raekwon's consistency during his 12 bars is commendable, rather than jumping to various topics every few lines. I particularly enjoy the track especially Andre 3000's verse - arguably the best, it will make you repeat the track several times. He analogises himself with cooked cocaine: (We both come up in the 80's and we keep that bass pumping). He then goes to teach life lessons through the Hokey Pokey and speaks about the concept of hustling, by thinking about the decision of making an honest living or make a crooked killing.

2. Rebler ft Double S - Right Now (2015)
Rebler knows how to create bangers, from Babylon to features on London Town and Kajoma. An inspirational grime track which spreads positivity, it is rare to see that in the industry. Life truly is a blessing, these boys are sending a great message to their fans especially the younger impressionable audience. With a funky instrumental, relatable content and smooth flows how can this not be among my favourites? Also, be on the lookout for Double S this year, he has a couple of his own releases, which I am definitely excited about. As oppose to Right Now, Kajoma is a fun yet typical afrobeat with the message being "come have fun with me".

3. Sarkodie - Free Press / Diljit Dosanjh - Jatt Fire Karda
We should embrace all types of culture. Let's celebrate the Nigerian and Punjabi cultures, fun colourful, opinionated individuals. This being said both songs are speaking about sensitive topics. Sarkodie speaks about censorship and free press as well as the country as a whole not supporting local talent and spreading their messages to the people, rather speculating. Diljit Dosanjh speaks about corruption and violence within the country.

What's your favourite song this month?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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