Inner Thoughts: University Vision

To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge. - Socrates

Have you ever felt lost to the point that you question your existence and purpose on Earth? No longer feeling fulfilled with society's norm when it comes to the structure of life, I believe I have a higher purpose than being conditioned to live an average life of education, work, marriage, and death.

At this age, I can honestly say I am feeling misguided. The saying goes ‘university is not for everyone’, this could actually be true, it made me think, what was my reason for attending university? I could not think of a good reason. Common reasons are: it seems like the right thing to do after sixth form/college, society convinced us it was the norm, all our peers were heading in that direction, and with a degree, I'll be more employable in my given field.

Unfortunately, the reality is after you graduate, having a degree will not guarantee work. There are many unemployed and some graduates are taking alternative routes they may never think of heading in to obtain a career and a stable wage. Not even mentioning the fact that they are now in debt, with a pressure to pay back their tuition fees, which have interest building upon them?

Do not respect the system made by the killers, it shall not define us.

Reason being, university students are no smarter than any other individual who has not taken that route. I personally believe the man who educates himself for knowledge expansion is the true intellectual. I say this because students study to pass their assignments and exams; once it is completed, the information is forgotten. Do you actually believe they will remember what they were taught? Especially from the first year - of course the majority do not.

A question that arises, do students know about 'real life'? The life with responsibilities of finance, mortgages, taxes, family and much more. You begin to question the existence of universities, once you leave - in most fields - you will never have to write an essay, diary or take an exam again. What do universities teach us that we cannot teach ourselves? I wonder if the main reason of university existing is for the government and the banking system to obtain even more money from the public. The results usually favor the elite, which leads on to the inequality of the classes, and the ever-increasing gap of poverty.

Life can be difficult when we live in a fabricated world of corruption, greed, arrogance, lust etc. The major systems are social constructions, they were not always around, imagine how peaceful the world must have been with no ideological state apparatuses, war upon man and poverty.

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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