Taboos Stuck With Us Like Tattoos

I've always been attracted to things that are taboo. I've never been afraid to go to that dark place - Ricky Williams

We live in the 21st century yet are bound by the tradition of the past. The world can evolve but apparently, for some cultures, the mind cannot. How are there still racists in a diverse and thought to be a multi-cultural country? It does not make any sense to me. Among families, there are still honor killings, for merely conversing with those outside of a particular race, religion and even gender – especially within the Asian culture, where there are strict upbringings surrounded with tradition and narrow-minded individuals.

Rape, honor killings, domestic violence, victims of bullying, both west and east still need to grow as communities, it is appalling to hear about behavior such as these. For example, how can a mother kill her own child and justify it by saying the child had shamed the dynasty; the dynasty is a social construction yet the child the mother birthed is not, yet the family still has the audacity to kill their own blood. Many questions arise about the character of the woman. Humanity can be ill-minded at times.

Humble The Poet educates the masses with Voice for the Voiceless, speaking about the taboos of the world, and the individuals we choose to judge rather than wonder what was the circumstance that evidently made them result in suicide, homelessness, or even becoming a stripper. Before judging others and throwing your beliefs upon them, ask yourself, how would you feel if the positions reversed. Grow as an individual, than speak and act with ignorance.

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,

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