Celebrate Your Culture (Fuse ODG - Black Commando ft. Stanley Enow & Olamide)

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. - Marcus Garvey

Together we stand tall, no matter where we may be from; we are powerful as a unit. The countries in the East (Africa and Asia) have been through a journey of hardship and struggles, yet have overcome it and obtained independence, despite this; they still have a long way to progress. Remember knowledge is power, make sure you read and fully understand your own culture and background, before embracing the culture of others.

International artist Fuse ODG collaborated with talented stars Stanley Enow and Olamide, for the celebration of Africa, on the track Black Commando. With previous uplifting songs such as TINA - meaning This Is New Africa - he continues to celebrate his continent, loving everything that it stands for. Fuse ODG is truly creating unity for Africa through his lively positive music and messages.

Fuse ODG also collaborated with North London artist Dun D on Shut Them Down, where he speaks about positivity about thanking the Lord for everything that he has obtained, praying for his enemies and having faith even when he is down, that he'll eventually rise once again.

What are your views on these artists?

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